Director of Safety

Brandon Dunkin

Director of Safety

A San Diego native who received the 2013 Rising Star Award from the National Safety Council, Brandon
is a people person who loves to watch ingenuity flourish among his team. As Pacific Building Group’s
Director of Safety, his primary focus is on observing safety behavior, then guiding cultural shifts which
exceed the demands of an ever-changing industry.

Brandon’s role at Pacific Building Group follows 10 years in a safety managerial role at various
companies, and several years working for the U.S. government in the Middle East. His portfolio includes
children’s schools, military runways in Afghanistan, ground-up high-rises, and an Osprey Hanger in San
Diego County.

He is excited to use his extensive background in establishing a world-class safety program with Pacific
Building Group which will support its subcontractors and clients during each project.

Most important lesson learned in business:
“Building personal relationships is an opportunity for a successful safety culture”

Columbia Southern University
Ultimate Medical Academy
National Association of Safety Professionals

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