From the San Diego Zoo’s Walkabout Australia to the platypus exhibit and a new children’s zoo, Stevens has spearheaded several landmark construction projects in San Diego. A project manager with Pacific Building Group, he has had the opportunity to work on some exciting and unique projects during nearly 12 years with the firm. “Our company got these opportunities, and I pushed the idea to our ownership,” Stevens said. “They knew I had the ability to work on technical, fast-paced projects.” He always wanted to work on out-of-the-box projects, and got his start with the Safari Park’s watering hole project that wrapped up in 2016. After that, he managed the Australian exhibit development, which was completed last year, and he is now working on breaking ground on a four-and-a-half acre children’s zoo. “Completing the Walkabout Australia project for the zoo was huge,” Stevens said. “Weather held us up, they had a hard date for opening the exhibit, and it was a landmark for them. And our success with it led to the children’s zoo project.” These projects are different from typical commercial construction projects in that it’s about creating an experience for the guests, while keeping in mind animal safety and guest safety. “It’s lifelike and realistic and takes guests to another world,” Stevens said. “They’re going to stand the test of time and be here for 50, 60, 70 years. I will get the opportunity to show it to my grandkids one day.” Aside from the zoo, Callaway Golf is another key client that he has worked with for many years. The 35-year-old began working in construction with a small residential contractor from when he began high school. Later in college, he got into commercial construction. “My father inspired me to choose this field. It’s all I’ve ever really known,” he said.