We are excited to announce a significant leadership change within our company, a strategic move that has been years in the making. Andre Childers will succeed me as President of Pacific Building Group (PBG), responsible for the day-to-day operations and the overall success of the company.

After serving as President/CEO for the past 21 years, I will be transitioning to Principal and Board Member for our executive team. In my new role, I will be a key advisor to the management team with a focus on legal, banking, bonding, and insurance. I am incredibly grateful for all your support in the past and look forward to continuing to contribute to our collective success in the future.

Having dedicated two decades to PBG, Andre has been an integral part of our growth, reputation, and company culture. His journey and experience through accounting, HR, project management, estimating and business development uniquely equips him to lead us into the next chapter. Andre will serve as the leader of the company, developing short-term and long-term strategy, while maintaining and growing partner relationships.

This change marks an exciting chapter for us, and just the second major change in our leadership in our 40-year history. Founded in 1984, our Owner, Greg Rogers, realized and capitalized on an opportunity to grow his then drywall business into one of San Diego’s most respected general contractors. In 2002, Greg gave me the opportunity to lead PBG as part of his vision to further expand the company. Greg and I are extremely proud of how far the “collective we” has come with our hands-on and service-oriented approach. Now, 21 years later, Andre will lead our company and the next group of leaders from the present, into the future, with a shared vision.

With this change, we are proudly embracing a balance of tradition and progress. Not forgetting how we got here, while understanding that we cannot get complacent and constantly need to be evolving and improving. It is a testament to our commitment to ensuring continuity, growth, and promotion from within.