Projects include new construction and renovations for company headquarters, regional offices, employee amenities, common area improvements, parking structures, speculative office, ADA compliance and operational building efficiencies. Experience also includes Class A office, multi-tenant and single occupant facilities, and industrial and manufacturing structures

Life Sciences

Working closely with both small and large clients to create sterile facilities that allow for the continued development and testing of unique products. Specialized laboratories, clean rooms, diagnostic and testing labs, office support, DI water, nitrogen and biosafety exhaust systems that have all been completed while the facilities remain operational.

Medical Office

Providing services to developers, owners, specialty practice groups, physician and dental practitioners, ambulatory surgical centers and medical diagnostic facilities. Completion of more than 1 Million square feet of ground-up and interior improvements within Southern CA.


Specialized knowledge to address the ever-changing needs of the industry and a leader in infection control standards. Proven experience working in occupied and operational facilities. Projects include OR renovations, SPD projects, new equipment upgrades, patient and staff amenity areas, seismic compliance, and infrastructure upgrades.

Technology / R&D

Multi-use facilities that involve the integration of office, warehouse and laboratory environments. Projects often require specialized data, mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades to accommodate equipment and production capabilities. Exterior site modifications, trenching and retaining wall construction provides a seamless integration of building systems and parking requirements.


Projects include government, educational and religious facilities. Each of these types of projects requires a clear understanding of the unique processes and communication hierarchy in order to achieve the goals of a successful project.


Unique blend of treatment, surgical, and office space with a specific understanding of the facility requirements to treat both large and small animals. Projects include small retail locations, new single tenant buildings, surgical and radiology rooms, and luxury boarding facilities.


Projects include new retail centers, façade and structural renovations, big box demising and store front improvements, exterior renovations, as well as full service salons, yoga studios, food service, and a variety of local small businesses. Mixed-use facilities require a thorough understanding of the specific building systems and usage that could impact other tenants in the building.

Industry Partnerships / Designations